flatbed trucking jobs

Flatbed trucking is a very common mode of transport for oversized loads and / or truckloads, but shippers should be diligent when choosing in the many flatbed carriers available on the market. When looking for a carrier's flatbed services, it's prudent to double check their credentials, including:

flatbed trucking jobs

 Do there is a valid Federal Carrier's Auditory? Look at the trucker's licenses and confirm that all licenses will be in good standing.
 Does the carrier hold the appropriate cargo and insurance for flatbed transportation? All flatbed carriers must have a minimum of $100,000 in insurance. Get yourself a written certificate of insurance and ensure coverage with all the trucker's insurance agent.
 Check the flatbed trucking company's safety statistics by contacting the government Dot. A higher variety of accidents should signal the shipper to look elsewhere.
 How's the carrier's credit score? Company's that do a more satisfactory job of managing their finances will more than likely carry out a better job transporting your freight.

Other considerations:

 Flatbed carriers typically include Couple of hours of loading and unloading within their freight quote.
 Tarps in many cases are used in flatbed transportation. Did the flatbed carrier offer this particular service inside their quote?
 Were you quoted an incomplete load or full truck load. Partial loads are less expensive but may take more time than full truckloads.

flatbed trucking jobs

There are a variety of options and considerations a shipper must evaluate when selecting in the many flatbed carriers. Look at a flatbed broker to handle the vetting of many flatbed haulers. Good, reputable truckload brokers can save Shippers quite a long time, hassle, and cash.


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